Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This will be a repeat for some of you, but here are some pictures of Olivia, she decided to throw off our routine today, and stay awake for a little while in the middle of what is supposed to be her nap time! haha, so we took some pictures, because she was so darn happy. Oh and don't mind her pj's, she told me this morning that she would prefer to wear them all day instead of getting dressed, I thought that was a great idea and followed suit!

Olivia's new accessory that she just HAD to have

This is just a random one from a couple days ago that I threw in :)

First day of school - late

Okay, I REALLY am going to try to keep this more up to date! These are some pictures from Ryan first day of preschool, his second year. He actually started about 3 weeks ago, but is doing awesome. They have a classroom pet named Rosebud, and she is a guinea pig, so happy he has that opportunity at school, because he won't at home!!

"not me!" monday - a day late

as taken from this blog, started by Mckmama, you can find her story here

I did not eat an 8" diameter brownie ALMOST all by myself on Saturday, and I most certainly did not eat an 8" squared piece of chocolate cake ALL by myself yesterday.

I did not hit the ignore button on my phone several times yesterday, because I just did not have the energy to talk!

I did not close my eyes, and pretend to be sleeping this morning when I heard my husband and son coming back to see if mommy was still sleeping, just because I wanted to lay in peace 5 more minutes.

I definitely did not tell my son that I had to go to the bathroom, just so I could sit in there with locked doors and finish the last chapter of my book!

and last but not least....I did not write "not me!" monday a day late, on Tuesday, because I was just too lazy to do it on the right day! Nope, not me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

the end of summer

I am a 24 year old mom who spends most of my time at home with my kids. Or outside with my kids. 98% of my time is with my kids. You get the point! I have 2 kids, Ryan who is 4 and Olivia who will be 1 May. The 6 hours/week that I work outside of my home is spent coloring and cutting hair a Salon/Day Spa. I've recently found that I have a passion to blog, so I hope you enjoy what I have to say! I love writing reviews and finding new products to share with my readers. I'm married to Rob, who also happens to be my high school sweetheart. I love to cook and eat good food, so I'm sure you'll also find a few recipes that you may or may not enjoy along the way. hmmmm, if you want to know anything else, ask!