Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"not me!" monday - a day late

as taken from this blog www.mycharmingkids.net, started by Mckmama, you can find her story here

I did not eat an 8" diameter brownie ALMOST all by myself on Saturday, and I most certainly did not eat an 8" squared piece of chocolate cake ALL by myself yesterday.

I did not hit the ignore button on my phone several times yesterday, because I just did not have the energy to talk!

I did not close my eyes, and pretend to be sleeping this morning when I heard my husband and son coming back to see if mommy was still sleeping, just because I wanted to lay in peace 5 more minutes.

I definitely did not tell my son that I had to go to the bathroom, just so I could sit in there with locked doors and finish the last chapter of my book!

and last but not least....I did not write "not me!" monday a day late, on Tuesday, because I was just too lazy to do it on the right day! Nope, not me!


Amanduh Huggenkiss said...

You know several people have told me that before, LOL! I must have the bomb diggity taste in music! ROFL!

I love this idea on the Not Me Monday. I'm going to do it right now.