Tuesday, November 18, 2008

COD Blog Party: Day 5

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Today, make a blog post about what you do to give back during the holidays. Do you volunteer your time? If so, please tell us where. What do you do to teach your children the true meaning of the holidays?

We always donate to Toys for Tots and Coats for Kids. This year I also went through my son's very gently or never used sweaters with him and did a sweater drive with his pre-school. I occasionally, throughout the year, volunteer at our local Womens Resource Center, to help women and families in need of any assistance at all.

Ryan turned 4 this year, so actually just yesterday we were explaining to him the joy of giving over recieving. We will work on that more with him this year than we have in the past.


Tena said...

I love that you got together with the preschool! Never to young to get the kids involved, good for you!

Stephanie said...

It's hard to believe how many "never worn" items we have! I like the way you get involved.

Tracye said...

what a good lesson for him so young!

Momstart said...

That is great that you are teaching him how to give.