Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Science Time Tuesday!

We started going a little stir crazy today. School was canceled yesterday(due to the load of snow we've gotten), and Ryan only has pre-school 3 days a week. Today was his off day and he was BORED, and really wanted to go to school. We ran some errands, came home and decided to do a little experiment...

THIS is what happens when you mix corn starch and water (and food coloring) together!

It really is very cool. You can pick it up and form it into a ball and then let is oooooooozzzzeee
back into the dish. So it shows the difference between liquid and solid and how it is possible for something to turn from a solid to a liquid. Ryan is still playing with this as I type!

(HOWEVER, we have learned the hard way that you do not really need the food coloring. Actually, I don't recommend it at all, because now Ryan and I have blue hands!! LOL)