Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leg Huggers

I recently made my first purchase of Leg Huggers. I heard of Leg Huggers on Momdot, through a giveaway they were doing. I then knew I had to have them. I've received my (Olivia's) Leg Huggers and we love them!

They have made diaper changing easier, I can just leave her in her onsie and her leg huggers and know that 1) she'll stay warm enough and 2) her knees will be protected from the areas that we have hard wood flooring. We are going to love them in the spring when she can wear them with dresses and skirts. They go on about 100 times easier than tights do, and I am a tight lover. Now I have something with the fun patterns, yet much easier to manuever over her roly poly thighs!

This is from the Leg Huggers website:

Leg Huggers are soft and comfortable accessories made especially for cute and cuddly legs. Designed for little girls on the move — be it crawling, climbing, running or dancing — Leg Huggers offer protection with fabulous function and flare.

They're great for keeping legs cozy in cold weather. They're terrific for EC babies and toilet training. They're perfect for crawling on hard surfaces. They're ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Our innovative, eco-friendly Leg Huggers are made from 100% sustainable Bamboo fibres.


Gena said...

I have quite a few babylegs which are the same concept and they really do make changing easier! Those look great on Olivia!!!