Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conversation at Dinner

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This takes place after Rob and I have finished our meal.

Ryan: "mama, I have a deal for you."

Mama: "Ryan, I am making no deals tonight, finish your pasta."

Ryan: "Dada, I have a deal for you."

Dada: "Ryan, we've told you that you need to finish your meal, no deals."

Ryan: "I have a deal for both of you!"

Mama and Dada, in unison: "What Ryan?!"

Ryan: "I don't finish my dinner, and I don't have anything else to eat the rest of the night."

Dada: "Not going to work bud, the night is almost over, and you have to finish your dinner. You can make different deals when you move out."

Ryan: (complete burst of tears) "I don't want to move out!!!"


We forgot to send him the memo explaining that he will probably, most likely be moving out by the time he's 18!

Try explaining to your 4 year old that some day he might actually want to move out.

Oh, and he only ate half of his dinner after the major episode that followed about moving out.



A.V.A said...


tara said...

LMAO, I know! I felt soooo bad after! Well, and so did Rob. Poor guy!

Confessions of Super Mom said...

Awww, poor little guy!

LeNesha said...

hehe...if they only knew :-) Sounds like he took that news seriously to heart. Poor little guy, dose of reality surely took him by surprise.


Parenthood For Me said...

very cute. Following you from MBC

Gena said...

LMAO I can't believe you guys are making the poor guy move out! He can always come stay with me!

Staci said...

Aww poor kid! So funny how they take things some times!