Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sneak Peak

Into the Birthday Bash! I'm going to show you a couple photos that include something Kerri from Monkey Bum Baby Designs made for Ryan and Olivia. Kerri has provided amazing customer service. She responds to emails quickly and ships items out quickly. Monkey Bum Baby Designs is a top notch business! Not to mention, Kerri is a participating sponsor in The Birthday Bash!

Ryan is pictured here wearing a belt that Kerri made. Don't worry, everything is custom made to ensure that it will fit your little one! I know I'm making you squint to see it as Ryan did not want a picture showing off his belt because that meant showing his belly, he told me. I can assure you that he, his father and I all love the belt though! There are many other colors to choose from as well!

Here is Olivia pictured in her tutu. Seriously, the most precious tutu ever. We had fun taking photos in this. Every aspiring ballerina need one! Kerri also has a variety of colors to choose from for the tutu.
We've also received 2 head bands a pacifier/toy clip and 2 clippies that are not pictured, but I promise are just as sweet. Thank you Kerri (Monkey Bum Baby Designs)!!


B said...

aww, love her little tutu!

Michelle said...

2 cute for words!!

Staci said...

Very cute!

Dee said...

I'm putting your button up now for the event. LOVE the tutu..I want some girly stuff for this baby girl on the way! :)

Gena said...

I LOVE that tutu!!!

Sheila said...

OMG! I love the tutu! I wanted to buy Kira one for her bday outfit but when we went to the boutique to look at them she FREAKED out. My poor baby girl is skeered of tutus LOL!