Friday, April 10, 2009

Protect A Bub- A Spectacular Deal!

A little about Protect a Bub:

(from the website) Protect-a-Bub’s roots flow “down under” to Australia where the incidence of skin cancer is the highest in the world. Nine years ago, after Karen Clark-Dickson’s unsuccessful search for a sunshade to adequately protect her baby from the harsh Australian sun, she designed her own. Following countless requests from other parents “to make just one more,” Karen established Protect-a-Bub.

What I Love:

I had the opportunity to review a Protect-a-Bub Sunshade for our stroller. Just in time for our little vacation that we took last week. Now, while my baby had fallen asleep and was reclined all the way back, my nephew did not want to go to sleep and he wanted to sit up. There was one problem though, the sun was in his eyes and it didn't matter which way we were going, he was miserable. So, I pulled out the Protect-a-Bub and in less than 2 minutes we had it attached to Wyatts' stroller. He was a happy camper again who could see, yet was now in the shade.

Sunshades are not the only thing that Protect-a-Bub carries though!

They "Weather it all, winter, spring, summer and fall". If you are looking for protection under any outdoor element, Protect-a-Bub is the place to look. Which brings me to the Spectacular savings they have to offer on swimsuits and swim hats right now!


You can purchase a swimsuit, swim hat or paint your own swim hat at cost. The swimsuits are selling for just $9.00, while the swim hats are just $6.00! To receive this amazing deal you need to email them at and put in the subject line "swimsuit". In the email include the colors and sizes you would like. There are several colors to choose from for both the hats and swim suits. I don't know about you, but I'm off to order 2 myself!