Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9 months

Olivia is 9 months old now! Well she was on Sunday, or at least that's what I'm going with, it would have been on the 29th of February, but since there wasn't a 29th...you get my drift!
She is 9 months and has officially crossed over to the dark side, okay just kidding (kind of). She started crawling a couple weeks ago, and hasn't really ventured to rooms other than the one I'm in, nor has she wanted to get into anything really except her toys. I really thought hey, I deserve a break, by the time Ryan was this age he was practically running! The day, or around the day she would have turned 9 months it all changed. She is into everything!
With that being said, I really am happy and proud of her for being a curious little girl. I love watching her and Ryan learn something new every day. She is an absolute delight. Always happy, sleeps well, eats well and she's pretty laid back. She loves her brother more than anything in the world I think. She says up, with her hands in the air, and mama and dada. We both get called both names though, so I don't think she's figured out who's who yet.
Happy 9 months baby girl!



Green & Clean Mom said...

Hi Tara! I've seen you in town, I'm Green and Clean Mom, Sommer Poquette and we both live in Petoskey. How cool and you are on twitter. Fun! I tweeted to see if you got the EcoStore stuff. Maybe we can have a local twitter or blog night or lunch! Fun! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Staci said...

Happy 9 months! She is absolutely adorable!

(I just wanted to let you know too that your rss feed isn't working. I thought you'd want to know!)

Kristin said...

Happy 9 Months! She's too sweet!

Gena said...

Happy 9 months! She is sure growing more and more beautiful every day!

The Petersons said...

She's adorable! What gorgeous brown eyes!

John Unasa said...

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