Thursday, March 26, 2009

Natural Mat-Organic Crib Mattress

As I've previously stated, I'm on a path to start using more organic materials in my every day life. It is in the best interest for my family as using organic is safer and eco-friendly.

I had never put much thought into the mattresses that my children were sleeping on until I came across the Natural Mat. There are several reasons why the Natural Mat is a better option for your child.

  • It is 100% organic
  • Your child sleeps better
  • Non-allergenic and anti dust mite
  • Naturally Fire Retardant
  • Long lasting superior support
  • Hand made for you in Devon, England
  • 100% renewable
  • Eco packaging
If the above reasons weren't enough then here a few reasons the standard foam mattress is hazardous.
  • Packed full of chemicals
  • Standard crib mattress are usually very thin
  • Offer no support and often dip very quickly
  • Most existing baby mattresses have a plastic cover which prevents air circulating through the mattress increasing the chances of the baby overheating.

Natural Mat generously offered me a sample of their Latex Mat. I can clearly see every part of the mattress and how carefully it is put together. The surface is quite soft to the touch. It is very clear that it is 100% organic, not only by touch and look, but it smells fresh as well. I am overall very pleased with the Natural Mat.

Natural Mat offers 3 different types of Mattresses. The Coco Mat, which is the most breathable mattress, The Latex Mat, which is most allergy safe and supportive and the Mohair Mat, most luxurious. Along with the mattresses, they offer organic crib bedding. I highly recommend looking into Natural Mat when shopping for your little ones sleep time needs.

Natural Mat has generously offered my readers a 10% discount when you purchase one of their products at Goores. Please use the code thenm.



Gena said...

Those look superb! Just what every mama needs for their babies!

A.V.A said...

Oh that looks awesome! I want one for myself, LOL.

The Petersons said...

That would be great for my son who is allergic to EVERYTHING! It looks soft and comfy too.

Lisa said...

Those look great , I should have looked around when I had my daughter! Im sure they would have been out !

Staci said...

They sound great! I'll have to look into them if we ever have another little one!

Suzanne said...

Those look great. My two were always overheated-that would have been a good solution.

piece of me said...

I would love to have the Coco mat for my little one!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Very cool! I'll have to forward this to my sister, she's expecting her 3rd

Eighty MPH Mom said...

These are neat! I'll keep them in mind for my friends with babies!