Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Surprise Prize

and you'll have to act fast, my counter on the bottom is getting close to 1000. I know that isn't a lot to some of you, but to me it is! Being that I've had my counter up for exactly one month today, and I may approach 1000 today I'm feeling generous. If you can catch a screen shot of you reaching my page on the 1000 mark I will send you a prize! I'm not telling what it is, but you will like it!

on my end it says that is has reached the big 1000, so please contact me if you were able to get a screen shot of it as well. I know that it has happened where more than 1 person has gotten the same number. If not, then we will do a prize for 2000. Let's see if we can reach it before the month is up! Good Luck!


Behazeled said...


What a great blog!! I read it all the way from the beginning and subscribed! It's awesome to keep closer tabs on you now! :)

I tried to catch the 1000, but it had already gone past the 1200 mark!