Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Conception Kit: The Next Step in Fertility (big giveaway)

Victoria at Life Starring Ellie and Eve is hosting The March Maternity Jamboree this month. Among many other wonderful prizes, she is offering one luck person the chance to win The Conception Kit: The Next Step in Fertility.

What is the Conception Kit?

The Conception Kit, made by Conceviex Inc, is the intermediate step for people who are tired of “just” trying every month, but who aren’t ready to or who don’t have the resources or medical indications for fertility treatments. So what is the Conception Kit? On top of the instruction manuals, fertility journal and conception wheel, the Conception Kit contains a three single month kits which are designed to help increase your chances of conception. What are in each of these single month kits?

* Ovulation Predictors
* A Conception Cap
* A semen collector
* Intimate moisturizer
* Pregnancy Test

For more information on the step by step process, please see Victoria's post.

The Conception Kit retails for $299.95, which may seem expensive, but compared to what you would be paying for fertility treatments, it is actually economical. This product is FDA approved and has been through clinical trials testing out its’ effectiveness. You can use this with fertility medications like Clomid, and it is recommended that you speak with your doctor while pursuing this option. Another thing I like about this kit is the fact that it can be used in the privacy of your own home; no trips to the doctor’s office and poking and prodding.

The Conception Kit is also good for people who are going non-traditional routes to become pregnant. For couples who are using a sperm donor who they know in order to conceive this is a great product since it takes out the physican middleman. This kit is also good for same sex couples who are looking to have a child; lesbian couples who have a sperm donor or gay couples who have a surrogate mother.

You can find success stories and more information on the Conception Kit site. Along with a free DVD offer.

What will you win?

One lucky winner will receive a Conception Kit for FREE, a $300 value! To Enter: Go Check out the Conception Kit and then come back and tell me something you learned. YOU CAN ENTER THIS EVERY DAY!!! ENDS April 15 @ 8 PM EST

You can enter here and at Life Starring Ellie and Eve by filling out the form provided.

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Tracey Pullman said...

We as women try to do anything that we could do to have the opportunity to carry a baby in our womb. Many are using conception kit as one of their options.